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Common Mistakes With Pool Safety


The summer is the time when you decide to try out new things. There are many endeavors, which you can invest your time and money in, but something quite commonly grabs the eyes of the family man – having a pool. Pools are a wonderful idea, especially when the weather outside is screaming for something to cool it down. However, many people who decide that it is time to invest in a pool, forget about safety. Forgetting safety is like forgetting where you have put your car keys – at one point you might find it nothing special, but at another it is the most important thing in the world.

Leaving Around Stuff

Okay, it is normal to sometimes want to simply jump out of the pool, spend some time in the shower, and then proceed to read a book in your bedroom while you dry out. However, if you have children, it is never a good idea to leave stuff lying around for you to pick up later. When you leave a toy, or something else, your child will naturally be interested in getting it. And what happens if it falls down in the water in the process?

Not Buying Safety Essentials

Another thing, which people commonly forget about, is getting the right safety supplies for their pool. Naturally, it’s not the sea, and you cannot expect a whole safety raft to find its place next to the pool, but you should still invest in some small things, like an inflatable safety ring, or some safety vests. The trouble is that even if you are a good swimmer, accidents might happen. That way if you need to save someone from drowning, you cannot rely on your body alone to help them. You need something to keep you above water and this is why such supplies should never be forgotten.


Last but not least, one of the most essential, yet common mistakes that people commit to when it comes to safety in pools, is maintaining hygiene. You may get all the essential pool supplies, but you forget to maintain the schedule for cleaning it. There are those, who believe that if they do not use the thing often, they do not need to clean it. However, take into consideration the fact that the pool is an open space. As such, all the dust, grime and other nasty stuff that is in the air we live in gets into the pool. It is very easy to catch a water-borne infection – this is why you need to be strict with your cleaning schedule.

Do Not Make Mistakes

It is more than essential to try and be vigilant and all times when you are the happy owner of a swimming pool. It is not hard to find all the pool supplies you need, you just have to search, have patience, and most importantly – not forget about them. Most of the accidents in pools happen due to negligence. Do not let this happen to you.

November 25, 2013 |

Increasing Child Safety in your Pool


Having a pool is one of the rarities of life that anyone who has racked up a significant budget is looking forward to. It is a remarkable way to relax on a hot day, and if you are not a fan of going to the gym – a pool might be the ideal way to train all your muscle groups. Safety in pools is a major concern however, since the number of accidents has increased exponentially over the years. This is why many manufacturers of pool supplies have started making various products, which can increase the safety factor.

Safety concerns grow even more when you have children around. Small kids will typically be up to no good, and since they are not fully aware of all the dangers that could come, they are typically braver, yet more reckless. There are common cases in which a child will end up in a pool and have an unfortunate accident because the parent has forgotten a toy in the water. The unwary child will go for the toy, and the whole thing will not end well. This is why it is worth investing in something that will keep your little once safe.

Fences are your Friends

If you do not have an astonishingly big budget, you will have to do with a pool fence and gate. Even though this will slightly decrease the value of the property, a good fence will keep your children away from the water when you are not around. Even though fences are typically not too high, small children have trouble climbing over them, and they have proven to be a remarkably good way to keep the little ones protected. There are many designs available out there, which will do the job, and will at the same time protect the aesthetical value of the property.

Enclosures are Better

Now, if you think that you have the money for it, it might be better to invest in an enclosure. There are several reasons to do that. First of all, the enclosure is much better at keeping children away from the water, since there is nothing to climb over. Secondly, if you use special glass for the panes, you will be protected from the nasty UV rays that could burn you to a crisp if you stay in the water too long. Last but not least, the enclosure, if done properly, will significantly increase the value of your home.

Cleanliness is a Virtue

We have talked about some of the clearly visible ways to protect your children. However, there are other things, which you cannot see before it is too late. In this case we are talking about the hygiene that you keep in the pool. There is a myriad of horrible diseases and infections, which can freely rampage within your pool. This is why you need to make sure you buy only top quality materials for chlorinating and that you check the pH levels accordingly. That way you will avert many nasty scenarios which might take place due to negligence.

Bottom Line

Keeping your pool safe for your children is an essential task that every parent should be responsible of. There are many accidents that can take place and it is up to you to invest both the money, and the time to make the environment as safe as possible. It is not hard and there are a lot of providers, who will bring you exactly the pool supplies you need in order to make the property an enjoyable, yet safe place.

November 21, 2013 |

Teaching your Children to Handle Pool Supplies


When you have pool, you are bound to encounter an over-encumbering amount of tasks, which you will need to complete. After all, having a pool means maintaining in pristine condition, so that it can be used later on without any risk of accidents. The tasks are complex, but they need to be carry out. If you have children, it is more than essential to teach them how to take care of the pool as well. Not only is it a good chore for them, but they need to know how to handle such complex things when you are not around.

Start with Hygiene

One very essential thing, which you need to teach your children, is the importance of hygiene. Without proper hygiene maintenance, your pool can turn into a breeding point for all sorts of diseases, infections, and other nasty things. What your child needs to learn is how to apply the chlorine needed for cleaning the water, when to do that, and how to maintain a proper schedule. Additional activities like draining the water completely and scrubbing the walls are recommended as well. During Spring and Autumn cleaning it can always be good to have a helping hand.

General Maintenance and Control of Supplies

If the child is big enough, you will need to show it some advanced things as well. The first is how to maintain the integrity of the water. When summer draws to a close, leaves will start falling into the pool, along with other things. You should teach your kid to handle the nets and clear the waters. If you have a fence with an alarm, or a motion sensor, you should teach the child how to turn them on and off, how to tweak the settings and so forth. This of course should be done only when the child is at an age when you can trust it to not do anything stupid while you are away.

Purchasing the Right Things

Going for the pool supplies is an essential process as well. This is why it is a good idea to show your children exactly what you are buying and tell them why you are using these exact products. This might seem like something very simple, but when you go off on a road trip and you forget to get things for the pool, someone will need to take care of this stuff.

Think it Through

Teaching your children valid lessons through life is an important thing. When it comes to pools, you should be serious because there are a lot of safety hazards, as well as things which can ruin the property. This is why you need to make sure that your children are ready to handle any situation, which might arise while you are away somewhere. Just spend some time together and after a relaxing day at the pool talk about the stuff, which is typically unpleasant to commit to, but it is more than necessary.

November 18, 2013 |

Pool Maintenance – for Proper Safety and Hygiene


Owning stuff is part of humanity, and we all want what’s best for us. Of course, when we build up a certain amount of savings, we want to make things even better. Having a pool is a grand idea, if you know how you can sustain it and that you put in the appropriate amount of effort. Despite the fact that the process itself is not a complex one, it is hugely demanding, since a lot of things need to be taken into account. Here we will touch on the subject and explain what different pool supplies can do for you.

Skimming Works

One of the things, which you should regularly think about, is skimming the surface of the pool. This is a relatively simplistic task, which could be done each day, or at least each time you decide to use the pool. It greatly improves hygiene and therefore safety for you and your family. You can do it by hand if the pool is small, but it is advisable that you buy a special net used for long range interaction with the water. Debris will otherwise build up and can cause you a lot of trouble.

Vacuuming is Essential

Some have tried to skimp on purchasing special pool supplies and have decided that using a regular vacuum cleaner will do. Still, this is not the brightest of ideas and you should invest in a proper vacuum made especially for that, specifically if your pool covers a larger area. Vacuuming should be carried out each week so that you maintain the water as clear as possible. You need to make sure that you check the filter of the machine once in a while, so that you do not let all the grime build up inside and clog or damage it.

Scrubbing the Tiles

Vacuuming will not take you far however, and you need to take other methods of cleaning under consideration as well. One such thing is carefully brushing the walls of the pool each time you decide to vacuum it. This will decrease algae and calcium buildup, and will reduce deterioration of the walls. You need to be aware of the material that your walls are made up from however. A stiff brush is needed for plaster-lined concrete pools, whereas a softer brush will do you well for vinyl walls. All these things reduce the amount of chlorine you need in the longer run.

Cleaning the Filter

One of the most essential pool supplies you will ever get is the filter. There are generally 3 types of filters in total – cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. Each type will require a different type of maintenance, but you will easily find that you need to do this regularly. Here is a pro tip: Do not clean out your filter completely. A completely clean filter will not be as efficient as the one, which has a little bit of dirt in it. This is due to the fact that the already accumulated dirt actually helps trap various particles inside. This however should not allow you to let it fill up completely, as it will become useless. If you want to know when exactly to clean it, keep a lookout for increases in flow between the pressure gauge and your flow meter. The cleaning should commence when the difference is between 10 and 15 pounds.

Heater Service

Heaters are the least pretentious parts in your pool. Still, as far as pool supplies go, they will need an adequate nudge once in a while as well. Generally speaking gas heaters will last about 2 years without being serviced, while at the same time electric ones will last up to 3 or even more. However, you need to be aware of the fact that calcium scales may build up inside the heater, and this will cause it to heat the pool up irregularly. If this happens, you should consult the manual immediately. The best thing you can do is call a professional to service the heater right away. Professionals use specific tools like wire brushes or acid for cleaning the tubing, and this is not something you should be trifling with. In the worst case scenario, maintaining your pool through professional help will cost you up to $100 per month.

Checking Water Levels

Last but not least comes an incredibly essential task, which you simply cannot pass by. Whenever you decide to skim the pool, it might be a good idea to check the water levels as well. If the level falls below the skim line, you might have a problem. Too little water in the pool could damage your pump, which is the most expensive among pool supplies. This is why it is good to fill it up with a garden hose so that it reaches appropriate levels. Don’t overdo it however, because you will end up splashing quite a bit outside of the pool when you swim. Lowering water levels occur naturally during hot seasons, so it is normal to take care of refilling at least once per month.


Taking care of your pool is not the easiest of tasks, but it is not too hard either. All you need to do, is make sure that you are using the appropriate tools and keeping to a tight schedule. The rest is just fun in the pool itself.

November 16, 2013 |

Important Pool Supplies for Making your Pool Safer


Let’s face it – every one of us wants a large pool in their back yard, simply waiting for us to dip in, and waste all the heat the summer has prepared for us. Pools vary in size, type, form, and naturally – price. However, people who constantly dream of having such a thing at their property forget something very important – you need the right pool supplies in order to get things going. There are numerous items on the market, as well as countless DIY recipes, which you can use in order to keep your pool supplied.

The Issue of Security

Supplies and pools go hand in hand, and even if you get all the cleaning materials available, you should not forget about pool safety either. The pool contains water and water can lead to some incredibly nasty incidents, especially if you have little children running about your home. For this reason, as a responsible pool owner, you need to make everything possible to secure your pool as best as you can. Here we will talk a little bit about a few gadgets that can mean the difference between safe swimming and terrible accidents.

The Motion Alarm

Technologies have evolved considerably through the years and what was once expensive and far out into the world of science fiction, is available now. For optimal pool safety, currently on the market you can find special motion detector alarms, which will alert you if someone is having trouble in your pool. You may be able to turn the alarm off, but your children sure won’t be able to. That way, if it is turned on and someone gets inside, the ripples made from the splash will raise the alarm and you will know that someone is in there. When the water stays stale for a while, the alarm goes back into a calm state.

Gate Locks

A gate for your pool is an idea which a lot of people have thought of. This, of course, is once again targeted at children, or your inebriated Uncle Sam who has had a little too much and has decided to party. The gate lock may not keep the gate itself locked, but without entering the 4-digit code, the alarm will sound off so that you can take action. This is yet another ideal, albeit more simplistic mechanism to keep people out of the pool when they should not be there.

Rigid Covers

If gadgetry is not for your budget or taste, then you can at least invest in a hefty cover for your pool. Covers have been around for as long as anyone can remember, and they are among the most popular pool supplies out there. However, with a proper, rigid cover you will keep more than leaves out of the water. A good product will stop people from falling into the water, and will decrease maintenance costs. It will also stop the water from evaporating and will reduce heat buildup within the pool.

Especially for Children

Back at alarms again, we have a slightly more specialized product in mind. The so-called turtle alarm comes in two parts – the base and the wristband. You place the wristband on your child’s hand and you go about your duties. As soon as the hand touches water however, the base alarm sounds off, alerting you that the child is in danger. This is particularly useful when you know that only your child can get to no good, you have a more limited budget, and you are looking for something slightly more mobile.


Having a pool is one of the remarkable things you can achieve for your home. Without question, this is not only a lovely pastime, but it is also a good way to exercise, especially when you want to do it at home. However, things like security cannot be neglected, even if you do not have children. For this reason it might be wise to start thinking of investing in proper security measures as early on as possible. That way you will be sure that nothing befalls you due to negligence, or sheer bad luck.

November 10, 2013 |
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